Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Goddess

An Apparition

Her skin was bone white
and had a kind of aura.
She stood in the doorway
but wouldn't come all the way in.
She said she was on her way
to the Mississippi Delta.
She had heard the call of the river
and the wail

of archangels
as they crossed the Great Plains.
I saw her once before long ago,
and even then there was a light
around her head and face,
shining like a rising moon,
a kind of beacon,
over open water.

Back To The Beginning

Once again I've come back to the hills
of a half forgotten country, back to the beginning

of stones and hope, and back to where
I once stood transfixed before the figure of a woman

even as the particles of her breath
hovered and then vanished into the cold, winter air.